First Class Kosher Airline Food

Yesterday, as many of you know, I flew first class for the first time. It was a really nice flight, we took off on time, landed on time, quick to the gate, quick to exit (non-of that was due to 1st class). But the space, leg room, food, bathroom, and comfort of first class is


My Sukkah in Google Sketchup

A couple days ago, I built my Sukkah using Google’s CAD like software named Skechtup. It basically allows you to design full 3D models, including homes, towns, etc. So I decided to teach myself how to use it and within hours, I had built my own Sukkah. A Sukkah is a temporary home used by


Matisyahu Uses RustyBrick iPhone Apps

Matisyahu, the popular musician known for his Jewish reggae and for being a Chabad/Lubavitch Jew uses our iPhone Apps. How do I know? Last night, he tweeted that he is looking for kosher food in Japan. A guy name Ross, replied to him, telling him to get our Kosher iPhone app. Matisyahu then replied to


Pleather Shoes For Sad Jewish Days

Yesterday, I had an unavoidable meeting I had to attend in the afternoon. Yesterday was Tisha b’Av, a very sad day in Jewish history. Jewish people typically fast all day and act like they are in a state of mourning. So I often try not to schedule meetings on that day, but if you must,


Shabbat Shalom for Palm Pre by RustyBrick

As many of you know, I purchased a Palm Pre to test out some of our apps for porting them from iPhone Apps to Palm Pre Apps. We have finally submitted our first Pre app for review to the Palm team. I have no idea how long it would take to be approved. I can


Two Inches Too Long: Snap, Klick or Easy Lock Sukkah

To continue my Sukkah shopping experience, after having purchased and planned the Sukkah, I thought perfectly, I was two inches off. Why you ask? Well, I (we) didn’t account for the extra inch the vertical connecting bars add to the length of the sukkah. Here is a picture, as you can see, the vertical connecting


My Israel School (Yeshiva) Closed This Year : Economy

It is customary for Jewish boys and girls in some communities to spend a year learning in Israel prior to attending college or university. I personally had the privilege to experience a year in Israel, as did many of my friends. I recently learned that the place I spent most of that year learning, Ner


Motion Sensing Lights & Jewish Law

Gizmodo ran a story named Orthodox Jewish Couple Sues Over Motion-Sensing Light on Sunday. It has been driving some buzz in the social space. I actually mentioned the Jewish issue with motion sensing lights in March 2008 when I wrote about buying dark sensing lights for my home. In short, an observant Jew technically cannot


Buying a Sukkah & Planning

The other day, I described my Sukkah shopping plans. I wanted to let you know, last night, I placed an order for my first Sukkah. I put a lot of work into planning the Sukkah and emailing those plans to Sukkah vendors. First, I wanted to tell you that I purchased the Klick Sukkah from