My New Office

As some of you know, we moved to a new office building this week. It was a big move and we have a lot of polishing still to do to the office but it is all very exciting. I am lucky enough to get the corner office. It is a big space, but here is


I Got A Gift For Boss’s Day, Really

One of our newish coders here at RustyBrick came back with ice cream from Friendly’s around lunch time. He gave it to Ronnie and myself and said, Happy National Boss Day. Yes, it is Boss’s Day today, I had no idea. Here is a picture: Wife, I turned it down…


I’m An Evil Boss: Working On Memorial Day

I saw a tweet from one of the RB employees, here it is: RB gets the parking lot to ourselves on memorial day. than a minute ago via TweetDeckw.d. radcliffesquigiliwams As you can see, I am evil. What type of employer would make his employees work on Memorial Day?! Well, honestly, it is their


My New Velvet Hebrew RustyBrick Kippah

Today I want to the ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhood named Geula and purchased some religious wear. One of the things we bought was a new kippah, a brown velvet one . I decided to have them sew on the name RustyBrick, but in Hebrew, on the Kippah. Here is a picture: Don’t I already have a


The Winning iTunes Song Will Be Next Tuesday

I am making a bold prediction that the winning iTunes song, where you can win a $10,000 iTunes gift card for downloading the 10 billionth song, will take place on February 23rd, Tuesday, in the morning. Why am I so confident? Well, the geeks at RustyBrick built an algorithm to predict when exactly the 10

Just FunnyRustyBrick

RB Coder Initiation

Jimmy posted the details of how the other RB team members initiate new members into the team – somewhat of a hazing. Here is a video of the latest initiation. But make sure to read the full story at the RB Blog named Coder Hazing: Anthony Gets Punk’d…


Check Out My RustyBrick Kippah from rushIMPRINT

rushIMPRINT, a promotional product company, sent me a handful of RustyBrick branded Kippahs (also known as yarmulke or כִּפָּה). They came out pretty well and in fact, I honestly might wear them every day. Here is a picture of the Kippah: Here is Joe and myself wearing them: How cool! This goes well with my


RB Decals

The other day, we got a shipment of RustyBrick Decals, which can be affixed to computers, laptops, phones, cars and so on. Here is a picture of some of them: I put two on my iPhone (one on case, one on device): Want them? I wrote about how you can get these at the RustyBrick


Pizza Day at RustyBrick

Whenever we hire a new employee at RustyBrick, the day they start, we order pizza pies on the company for the whole office. So since today we hired iMatt, we get to order four pies, with fries and so on, on the company. I found this funny “Pizza Day” clip on YouTube to show my