More Search Engine Roundtable YoYos

I ran out of YoYos at this past PubCon, so I ordered 300 more Search Engine Roundtable YoYos. If you haven’t seen the YoYos, I wrote about them here and I have a quick video here. Here is a picture of the 300 yoyos, yes, in my conference room. Blue, Green and Red colors. They


RustyBrick Laptop Bags Arrive!

We finally got our shipment of RustyBrick messenger bags this week. Yea, we have been thinking and thinking and thinking of getting them. Here is a final product: If you are a client, you get one, I just need to hand deliver it or ship it to you guys. If you are a friend, I


RB Ogio Prototype Bag

So we ordered a hundred or so of these Ogio bags that we were looking to buy. We got a sample bag a couple of weeks ago and then recently got an embroidered swatch of our logo. We stuck it on the bag with tape. Ignore the black circle around the logo, the logo should

Just InterestingRustyBrick

Firefox Has OGIO Bags Also

Ronnie told me that he was looking at Firefox’s schwag the other day and he noticed that Firefox has bags for sale, the same ones we are going to be getting soon. Right now we are in the process of getting a sample so that we can order about a 100 of them. I do


OGIO Hip Hop Messenger Bag RustyBrick Bag?

I was Strongly Considering Getting Timbuk2 Commute RustyBrick Branded Bags but that seems not to be working out since Timbuk2 doesn’t have any left in the color and style I want. I had one of my clients who does promo stuff investigate other options for us. They found a bag from OGIO named the Hip


Should I Get All My Employees Two Monitors or One Larger Monitor?

I honestly believe that worker productivity is improved with more screen real estate. A report by Pfeiffer Consulting sponsored by Apple has benchmarks on performance with and without Apple’s 30″ Cinema display. The PDF of the report is available here. Computer World looks at the report and say that “other experts say those conclusions are


Work at RustyBrick – CSS & PHP Devs Wanted

I just posted a new job opening at RustyBrick. We are looking for one HTML / CSS / XHTML Developer at the moment and as many top notch Advanced PHP/MySQL Engineer as possible. 🙂 One big issue for many is the huge requirement that is must be on site! Yes, in the main RB offices,