Stocking The RustyBrick Junk Food Room

I had a meeting that was cancelled today, so I went with Ronnie to the local Costco to pick up some stuff for the office. Let me tell you, this is the first time I have been in Costco since I was ten or so. This was a bad idea. What did we buy? Well


RustyBrick Bytes Starts New Season

My company sponsors a local small basketball team, which we named the “RustyBrick Bytes.” Yea, we thought it would be a funny name. Bytes, bites, computers, basketball, etc… We had our first game last night, we won. But I don’t think it was a real season game, since the referrers did not show. Some sort

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All Day Internal SEO Class Today

I will be giving an internal SEO pow-wow today. Ill be covering all the basics and then some of the futuristic stuff. So if I am not quick to reply to your emails, that is where I am. I start in about 15 minutes, 10am (EST) and won’t stop until I am done. Tons and


Proud of the RustyBrick Team on Launch of TOKYOPOP

I cannot express how proud I am with everyone at my company with the launch of TOKYOPOP today. Honestly, I was a bit concerned starting this project due to the deadline but we got it done on time and done in RustyBrick style. This site is the first of its kind in the Manga community.