Recruiting iPhone Coders via an iPhone App

We at RustyBrick are looking to hire a few more developers, including iPhone and PHP/MySQL developers. We don’t bother posting jobs on job sites anymore, it leads to way too much spam – so we use expensive recruiters. Recruiters, please do not call me – we have one exclusive recruiter we use. We decided to


Check Out the New RustyBrick Bags

Over at the RustyBrick Blog I posted pictures of the RustyBrick Shwag Bags. We got an assortment of bags this year, so if you want to see them all, check them out at the blog. Sorry for a slow week here on the blog, just really haven’t had two minutes to write here – and


Play the RustyBrick Scavenger App Tree Icon Game

This is a cross post with the RustyBrick Blog: @Gartenberg tweeted a picture of the Apple Store being pretty busy and he snapped a picture of the iPhone App Holiday Trees on display in all the Apple Retail Stores. @BGribin noticed the picture and saw that our iPhone Siddur was one of the 100 icons


Cheaper Bags via Woot

As you know, we are looking into getting OGIO layover travel bags and embroidering them. The thing is, they are expensive, so I need to find cheaper gifts as well. On Sellout.Woot today, they have Sharper Image 24″ Rolling Duffle bags. I called my guy and he said he can embroider them. These bags are


OGIO Layover Travel Bag: Poor Quality or Glitch?

The OGIO RustyBrick laptop bags are a huge hit. Everyone loves them and we often get requests to send people more. We are actually almost completely out, so may have to reorder one day (they aren’t cheap). But the bags are rock solid, comfortable and last a really long time. So I was looking into


I’ve Got Shelves

Yes, for the first time in my life, I have added shelves to my office. Yes, I know – you are jealous! But you too can get shelves. I picked them up in Target on the isle that had discounts. I was able to declutter my desk and that file cabinet top, by placing my


Verizon Termination Charge For Plan I Did Not Sign Up For

Since December 2008, I have been having this ongoing Verizon phone saga. In short, I signed up with an “authorized” Verizon sales representative who sold me a plan that I was not eligible for. Verizon switched me over, put me on a plan that was the closest thing to what I signed up for and


The RustyBrick Designs That Didn’t Make The Cut

Mabe, the RustyBrick designer behind the new site, blogged about her process and challenges when redesigning our site. She shared some screen captures of the designs that didn’t make the cut. I wanted to add one more, one from before Mabe was with us. The first redesign, before Mabe, looked something like this: Then


Anti-Semitism Reviews On My Palm Pre App

Our first Palm Pre application was just pushed to the App Catalog. We are very excited about this and you can learn more about the Shabbat Shalom Palm Pre App at our site or download it for free in the App Catalog. What was interesting was that as soon as Palm announced these apps, the


RustyBrick Redesign, 9 Years Later

I just announced that we have launched the redesigned for our RustyBrick web site. If you can take a look at comment at my blog post at RustyBrick, I would appreciate it. This also includes a mobile version that looks sweet on the iPhone, Pre and Android. Here is a sample of the home page,