RustyBrick Brews Girls & Girls Only

As many of you know, I had my first child, about three months ago, it was a girl. But did you know that RustyBrickers who have children only have girls? We have a total five RustyBrick kids, all of them are girls. Thing is, we have two more on the way and those two are


Jewish Press Features RustyBrick’s Jewish iPhone Apps

A couple weeks ago, Yoni Glatt, a writer from the Jewish Press spent about an hour interviewing us about our iPhone apps, specifically about our Jewish iPhone Apps. That article is now live on both the web and print version. If you do get the Jewish Press or want to pick up a copy (only


Eating Chocolate Grasshoppers

Clearly, I was not the only one to receive these chocolate grass hoppers from today. I was not able to eat them, because grasshoppers are not kosher, but the RustyBrickers wanted to try them out. Here is a video of them chowing down on the grasshoppers: Here are pictures of the grasshopper with the

RustyBrick – Physical Construction

Tamar asked me if I hired a new guy named Matthew Hull recently. I said no, I have no idea who he is. Tamar then explained this guy came up for a search on rustybrick on Facebook. It showed that the term matched for his “Job” and Tamar wondered if we hired this guy, who


Estimated Life Span of RustyBrick Fridge: 18 Months

The RustyBrick 2007 holiday gifts were mini RustyBrick Fridges. They were not as big of a hit as our RustyBrick Laptop Bags but they were a nice hit. In any event, the RustyBrick Fridges were first put into use in early December 2007. We stored our mounds of RedBull in these Fridges, refilled them daily.


Do I Lose Business From Blogging?

I am a fairly well connected person – not as well connect as the big names, but for the average person, I am pretty well connected. That comes with pros and cons. I get a lot of prospects interested in talking and eventually some sign up. What I have been noticing more often these days


US Post Service Feeling Recession

Starting this week, I have been informed by my mail man, that they will no longer deliver the mail to the individual suites in my office building. From now on, they will deliver the mail to the post boxes on the first floor and we need to go downstairs and receive our mail. Now, I


Verizon Keeps Over Charging Me!

Remember my Verizon Phone Saga? Probably not. In short, they conned me into switching to them for my landline service in my office and then after three calls, they promised to keep me at the same rate I was paying my other provider. After they made that promise, I received a bill for almost 4