Full Wall of Red Bull Cans Now Complete

In September, I showed you how some of the RustyBrickers are working towards a very big goal. The goal was to build a wall of red bull cans and now that goal has finally been achieved. They filled the whole window with cans. Here is a before shot: Here are the proud developers (excluding some


My Verizon Phone Saga

This blog post is mostly so I remember what happened when. But it might be some what comical to you. On 12/11 a guy named John Leveroni convinced me that he would save me money by switching me back to Verizon from my current provider of business telephone service. After having all the paper work


RustyBrick Fleece Scarves :: Holiday Gift

This year, we purchased black fleece scarves with the RustyBrick logo embroidered on them. Here is a picture: These aren’t as fun as our past holiday gifts, such as RustyBrick Mini Fridges or the RustyBrick Laptop Bags, or even our usb mug warmers with mugs or our RB Fleeces. But I had to prepare for


Where The Holiday Gifts?

Normally, at this time of the year, my office would be stacked with gifts from vendors, search companies, friends, colleagues, clients and so on. But to-date, I only received two packages. We know Google isn’t sending out gifts this year. But what about everyone else? Seems like most companies are cutting back on holiday gifts.


Are Recruiters Ruthless? My Golden Tech Experience

Let me start off by saying, I spend a ton of money with recruiters – more than I want to, but they add a tremendous value to my company. I primarily work with one recruiter, because I trust him and he does good by me. But let me tell you about my experience with many


A Good Kind of Know It All Prospect

I had a meeting today with a prospect that really knew it all. He wanted a custom site but when I showed him things and he showed me things, he really seemed to simply know it. He actually even came to the meeting with the core components of the site in HTML and CSS. It


Set Up Temporary Office at Regus in St. Louis

Most of this week, I will be in St. Louis, by the in laws for the holidays. Yes, I go offline again, tonight through Wednesday night (it hurts but I do it). In any event, the family flew in yesterday and my brother-in-law and I decided to grab an office so we can work in

Just FunnyRustyBrick

The Red Bull Wall of Cans

Here at RustyBrick, we can’t have enough fun in the day. The latest example is our coders love of Red Bull (not Kosher). When they are done with a can, they rip off the tab at the top and then place it on the window. This is about a month-plus of drinking red bull, between