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Google Change Of Address Done & Done

I am always nervous migrating sites from domain A to domain B but in this case, it is a person blog, so I have no fears. Both sites are verified with Google Search Console, the 301 redirects are in place and working and I didn’t make the mistake of robots.txt’ing out this site from GoogleBot.

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Half Speaking At BlueGlass TPA on September 26th

Want to see me half speak at a conference? My half speaking is much better than my full speaking. Meaning, no presentation, just off the cuff type of stuff. BlueGlass always runs a nice and warm event – not just because many are located in warm climats but because it is run like a family.

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Bad Spelling = Good Spelling

Yesterday, I wrote a brief story on Google’s new service named Hotpot. The thing is, when I posted on it, I thought it was “Hotspot” and not “Hotpot.” Dumb, lazy mistake – I attributed it to not feeling well. @patrickaltoft called me out on it and I fixed it minutes later. But within that time

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YouTube’s New Subscribe Widget

Looks like you can now place a YouTube subscribe button on your web site and let people subscribe to your YouTube channel without them having to go to YouTube at all. Here is my button: I assume you need to be logged into your Google account for this to work – give it a try

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SphinnCon Israel Returning To Jerusalem

I am extremely happy to have announced the return of SphinnCon Israel in 2011 to Jerusalem! This year, we are having it at the Inbal Hotel, one of my favorite hotels in Jerusalem. I have already launched the registration form and we are offering an early bird discount of $75. I will make one recommendation.

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Google To Personalize My Search Results Based On My DNA

I ordered a DNA test from 23andMe, the company Google invested in and is owned by Google co-founder, Sergey Brin’s wife. The reason I bought the tests were because I saw from Matt Cutts that there was a heavy discount. So I decided, what the heck, why not order them. Then decide if I want

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I Can Drop Google From The Index, Really

I really can drop Google from THE index. By “the” index, I mean from Foursquare‘s index. Foursquare gave me “superuser” rights as a way for me to update RustyBrick’s information on their system. But that also gave me full rights to update any venue’s information on Foursquare, including Google NYC, which I have been to

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SphinnCon Israel 2010 Sold Out – March 7th

On December 15, 2009, I announced the return of SphinnCon, a small SMX event, to Israel. In just a week, we sold half the tickets. I am delighted, I think, to say that the event is completely sold out now. On Sunday, January 31st, we sold our last ticket. 200 seats, gone. We still have

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Keynoting at Market Saint Louis on April 1, 2010

A couple weeks ago, Will Hanke asked me if I would like to speak at a St. Louis based conference named Market St. Louis. I looked up the conference date and information and noticed a bunch of my colleagues in the SEM industry participate in this event. I also noticed it was on April 1st,

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SphinnCon Israel Sells Over Half Available Seats in a Week

About a week ago, I announced the SMX SphinnCon Israel event. In a week, over half of the available seats have been sold. We now have only 92 seats available and the event doesn’t happen until March 7, 2010 – which is over ten weeks away. So I urge you, do not wait until the