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Updated Link Farm (aka Resources) With 179 Sites

I have updated my link farm to include more of the sites I read on a daily basis. The list has a 179 sites listed on them. I manage most of my reading of them through RSS, without it, I wouldn’t be able to possibly stay on top of all those sites (plus I have

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Pictures From Yahoo! From “Influencer Day”

Yahoo!, the Search Marketing and Publisher Network team, wrote about the time I and the crew spent over at Yahoo!’s Burbank office. I wrote about it at: – Yahoo! Announced Panama Launch via SER – Day Two at Yahoo! Publisher Network via SER – Yahoo Releases New Search Advertising System via SEW – Shwag From

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AdSense Befriends Israel With EFT Support In שקל

My Israeli brethren, not that I live in Israel but anyway, Google has announced that they now have enabled you to accept your AdSense payments via Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT). So no more waiting for those checks to be mailed overseas. They will be going directly into your bank account, if and only if you

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Poll #2: Do You Like My Daily Search Coverage

Every weekday that I cover search, I compile all the items I wrote into one post at this blog. I write a title, I do a short written summary, I link to the articles I wrote, add tags to the post and wrap it up with a text-to-speech summary of the topics I covered that

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SES Sent Me 4 Conference Notifications Within 90 Minutes

I just got my fourth “SES Chicago 2006 — Registration Is Now Open” email from Incisive Media within the past 90 minutes. I ignored the first three, yea, I am going, yea, I love the conference, but four emails! Common guys! Each one was sent to my main email address, not an alias. This is

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I Own Search Engine Watch Blog

At least for the next two weeks. Danny is off on vacation, and I guess it is my responsibility to make sure the SEW Blog readers are up to date on the search news. I am sure that title caught your eye. I don’t technically own it. I am just going to be posting more

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Blog Juicer by Text Link Ads

What is your blog juice? Mine (for SERoundtable) is 8.3 according to Text Link Ads, Blog Juice Calculator. Yea, I know, I totally kick ShoeMoney’s Butt. I am on par with the Google Blog, Matt Cutts Blog, SEO Book. SEW is kicking me (but I write for them) at 8.6 and Google Blogoscoped has 8.5!

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Pinging Google Blog Search

Google Blog just announced Got blog? Will ping. So I am testing out pining Google Blog Search at by adding it to your “Publicity/Remote Interfaces” in Movable Type or other blog software. So this is my test. I will update this post only if there are errors. The error: Ping ‘’ failed: HTTP error: