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Why Writing About Yahoo Makes Me Sad

I do a lot of writing on search engines but over the past year or so, writing about Yahoo has honestly made me depressed. I think, subconsciously, I avoid writing about Yahoo because they make me depressed. To see Yahoo where it is now, is quiet frankly, sad. I tweeted my feelings about why this

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The Google Pen Wasn’t at SES San Jose ’09

The other day, I asked a shwag question on which piece of search shwag did not belong in the picture. The answer is the Google Pen: This pen was not at SES San Jose 2009. Erin Sap was the first to get it right, so I will email Erin to discuss his prize. Other answers

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What Search Schwag Doesn’t Belong?

At the SES show, I ran through the expo hall, and picked up some pens and stuff. Here is a picture of some of those items. Let’s have a little fun with this…. What item in this picture doesn’t belong? Comment below. The first to get it right, will win something (not sure what, just

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Why I Dislike Google Custom Search On This Blog

I often use the search box on this site to find blog posts I have written in the past. I can honestly say, that at least 50% of the time, it doesn’t help me find what I am looking for. So I end up using a different search engine. It just happened again, so I

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Blogging Israel: SEM Meet Up in Tel Aviv

Today I went to a smallish (less than 20 people) SEM meet up we pulled together in two day notice, which Compucall hosted. I wrote up details about the event with What Israeli SEMs Want at Search Engine Land. And Olivier wrote up his notes from the event at the Compucall blog named Barry Schwartz

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Twitter Kills Tips @UserName Command?

Update: This is simply not a supported command, see here for more info. I was trying to send a Twitter update in the format of Tips @Username but it wasn’t going through. So I went to the old fashion Twitter web site and I tried it there. Twitter returned a response for two seconds and

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Poke Me on Facebook Via Yahoo Search

Yahoo announced that you can now poke on Yahoo via the Facebook SearchMonkey. Try it by searching for barry schwartz facebook on Yahoo Search. Up comes this: You can easily Add friend, Poke me, Send message or View friends directly from Yahoo on Facebook.

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On SEMPO NY’s “SEO Ninja Fishbowl Panel” Tonight

Tonight, I will be on an SEO panel at a SEMPO New York meetup. The details of the meetup are over here, but I believe it is already completely booked with 150 people attending and there is already a big waiting list. I have never been to one of these meetups, but Sara Holoubek convinced