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Rand @ SEOMoz; Professional SEO or Professional Blogger?

I was reading one of Rand’s most recent posts at SEOMoz, this one was named Email is Still the Key to a Successful Link Building Campaign. And I was thinking, wow he spends a lot of time writing his blog posts. To be honest, most of my blog posts take about 2 – 10 minutes

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Can an Outsourced Site Be a Success?

Anyone in the web dev business can relate to this. There are two extremes to the type of client you may get. The first extreme are those clients that are 1000% devoted to making the site a success. The second extreme are those clients that don’t want to be bothered and don’t want to lift

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All Day Internal SEO Class Today

I will be giving an internal SEO pow-wow today. Ill be covering all the basics and then some of the futuristic stuff. So if I am not quick to reply to your emails, that is where I am. I start in about 15 minutes, 10am (EST) and won’t stop until I am done. Tons and

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Private Messages Are Private – Jeez!

There are just some things you do not post in public. One of those things are private messages. If someone sends you privileged information in private, you must – without a shadow of a doubt – keep that information private, unless you have explicit permission from the source that you can share that information with

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How Much is Link Bait Worth?

The SEO world has been buzzing with tons of link bait ideas. Danny has an SES session on Link Baiting & Viral Search Success, there are top ten list out to wazoo, there are new tools, new games and controversy articles being released daily all with the intent of building links. Heck, even this piece

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Rand Ranks Top SEM Blogs

Rand has stuck out his head on this post named Ranking 50 Top Blogs in the Search Space, where he ranks, in order of which blogs he feels are most important, the top 50 SEM blogs in the search space. Of course, I am personally happy with the list, being that I write at the

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SEO Tip For News Engine Optimization: Yahoo! Users Love Google

I promised some SEO tips at this blog, so here is my first one. If you are included in the Yahoo! News search index, then you should try naming the title of one of your posts, “ XXX.” The XXX should obviously be replaced by the topic of the post. You should notice, a ton