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My SMX West 2009 Pictures

Here are pictures from the sessions at SMX West 2009. Hope to get back to blogging here on a normal schedule next week. Also, check out our live blogging coverage at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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Quick Demo of iPhone Analytics App

If you are a web analytics junkie like me and you use Google Analytics for most of your tracking and you have an iPhone (got that). Then you will love this new app from Michael Jensen named Analytics App. I did a 3 minute video demo of the application. This is really worth the $6,

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My 2009 Search Predictions, Kind Of…

I spoke with Virginia Nussey from on their SEM Synergy show about some of what I thought stood out in 2008 and what we might expect in 2009. Seems like I am not on until about half way in the show. FYI, I did a huge write up at the Search Engine Roundtable on

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I Forgot My Anniversary!

Can you believe it? I forgot my anniversary, already, after only these short number of years! Okay, I am not that dumb! I did not forget my wedding anniversary, that goes into my calendar. I did forget the Search Engine Roundtable’s fifth anniversary! I first started blogging about search on December 2, 2003. It has

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Check Out the New Search Engine Land Design

Check out the new Search Engine Land design. My favorite feature is that readers can now comment directly at Search Engine Land. Outside of that, the new design takes much more of a news oriented site, which I love. So check it out and feel free to comment on the design and any of my

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You Can Now Watch Me In Higher Quality, Lucky You!

Weekly, I do a search news/tips video that is not so unpopular these days. In any event, I always produce a iTunes version and a YouTube version. The iTunes version is always higher quality than YouTube, but now YouTube is giving viewers a way to see videos in higher quality HD. For example, if you

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Affilicon in Israel

Itay Paz is running an Israeli conference named Affilicon. The conference is located at Shefayim Hotel, Shefaim, Israel and is taking place on November 24-25, 2008. I won’t be able to go, but it seems like it will be having a great line up of speakers and sessions. I think it is great to see

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Check Your Username – Secure ‘Em

Own your identity and your username or nick or alias or whatever you want to call it. A new site named can do that for you. I actually secured rustybrick a bunch other sites. Note, the site is having issues, so don’t kill it by trying over and over again (like I did). Securing

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Track Your Banks Reputation Online

Yesterday, I decided to start tracking the online reputation of my bank. I went to Google News and subscribed via RSS to my banks long name, short name and stock ticker. I am not running to the bank to take out my money and put it under my bed, but I do want to stay