I Hate Debit Rebate Cards

I absolutely hate rebate offers where you get pre-paid debit cards. As some of you know, I got a free Microcell and $20, which includes a $100 promotion card from AT&T for the Microcell rebate. Today, I got the rebate card. They say businesses offer rebates because most people forget to fill them out. I


Home Naturals Needs To Learn How To Ship Things

As some of you remember, I have been baby proofing my house recently. I purchased the Kidco G20 hardware mount for the top of the steps, but found out later, I need to get an extension for it. So BabiesRUs and other stores didn’t have it, but Amazon does, so I ordered it from there.


My New Velvet Hebrew RustyBrick Kippah

Today I want to the ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhood named Geula and purchased some religious wear. One of the things we bought was a new kippah, a brown velvet one . I decided to have them sew on the name RustyBrick, but in Hebrew, on the Kippah. Here is a picture: Don’t I already have a


My Nike Sneakers Broke Bad

I wear sneakers pretty much every day, always had. For as long as I remember wearing sneakers, I have been wearing Nikes. I think because Michael Jordan was my favorite basketball player and he had deals with Nike for the Air Jordan – so I always want Nikes, even to this day. On my Israel


UPS & Delivery Worries

I would be surprised if you never felt this way about a package. Today, I am expecting to receive the Sony HDR-XR200V but I checked the UPS status and it is made out to be delivered to the wrong suite #. I am upset, because I made it clear to the sales person, make sure


Got Boots

After years, possibly 10 years, of not owning a pair of boots, I finally caved and bought a pair. Sears was having a good deal (I think good deal) on the Everlas Chukka Boot in Black. So for $28, after tax and shipping, I ordered a pair. It was 50% cause of clearance and then


I Caused a Long Line at the Post Office

I dislike waiting in long lines, I am sure most people do. I even hate it more when I am the one who caused a long line. I had to go to the post office this morning to mail out the RustyBrick holiday gifts. I told them I need X number of stamps for these


Switching It All to Verizon FiOS

About 30 minutes before Shabbos started this Friday, I heard a knock on the door. I answered the door to see a young guy and woman in Verizon FiOS shirts. They asked me if I want to switch to FiOS. I said yes. Remember when I had the dilemma of FiOS vs Optimum when moving