My Sports Superstition: Watch The Jets Play & They Lose

So I have this weird football superstition… Most people have sports superstition like wearing the same hat, holding something during a game, saying a prayer or whatever. Mine might be the weirdest one. If I watch the New York Jets play live on TV, they will lose. I watched them today and they had their


Seeing Things In Slow Motion

During my teen years, I pretty much spent all my time around basketball. I was a die hard ball player. They called me a “gym rat” because during our 10 minute breaks between clases in High School, I was one of those who ran to the gym to shoot around for 9 minutes. When I


NY JETS Had a Great End to a Season

JETS were so close to beating the Colts, so close. I shouldn’t be upset, but I was/am. To come that close to the playoffs when no one even expected them to make the playoffs – I should be happy. Oh well – it was a great end to a season. Thanks for it!


JETS in AFC Championship : One Game To Super Bowl

This time for a New York JETS fan is a bit unreal. Who would have thought they would be playing the Colts in the AFC Championship? Who would have thought they would have won the final two games in the regular season to squeeze into the wild card slot? They had to beat the Bengels


Thanks Colts – JETS Now Have a Shot

Yesterday, the New York Jets played the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts pretty much had their way with the Jets in the 1st quarter. As a Jets fan, I wasn’t expecting much and figured they would lose the game. But in the second half, Smith ran back the kick-off, a 106 yards for a touch down.


Back to Basketball After 4 Weeks

Last night was the first time I played basketball in about four weeks. When I became a dad, about four weeks ago, I really didn’t realize how tiring it would be. Don’t get me wrong, my kid is great. She doesn’t complain a ton, only when she wants something. But new babies are a handful.


I Got a Boutonniere Finger

When I was younger, I lived to play basketball. I played every second I had. I played during lunch, breakfast, of course during gym and even during the 7 minute break between classes. Over the course of thousands of basketball games, I have broken most of my fingers over and over again. My right hand


NFL Changes Jets Game Time To Accommodate Jewish Holiday

I missed this news, but someone share it with me today. Via the AP, NFL changes time of Jets game on Yom Kippur. What happened was the Jets had two games scheduled on two Jewish holidays, week-to-week. The first game was on the second day of Rosh Hashanah, on September 20th and the second game


Wii Tennis

Some of you know, I had my first Wii experience a couple weeks ago. Well, this past Sunday, my brother-in-law and I had some serious games. I took a game, he took a game, etc etc. At the end, he used some dirty tactics, which I won’t mention to win the last match. The Wii