Boy, The Movie Theater Has Changed! Awesome Seats & Reserved Seating.

Yesterday I did something I haven’t done in about ten years, I went to the movies. I took my kids to see a movie and I was blown away by how much it has changed in ten years. My first experience was booking it using the Fandango app, which is extremely convenient and quick. Before


50,000+ Miles This Year: Premier Gold Status On United

Four years ago, I was so excited I made elite status on Continental (now United) Airlines. Since then, I’ve hit “Premier Silver” status on the airlines MileagePlus program. That is until this year where I will easily break 50,000 miles and reach “Premier Gold Status.” Thing is, I am not that excited about it. Why?


Alta Vista Road

I drove to Bethesda, Maryland yesterday to give a talk about “Synagogue and Technology” for ShulCloud, sponsored by the Shalom Learning folks at Beth El. And when I got off the highway after driving 4 hours straight (which is awesome time), I spotted a road named Alta Vista Road. The search geek in me wanted


Email Overload: Need To Stop Flying During Workdays

I simply need to stop flying during the workday or fly exclusively with flights that have Wifi. Yesterday, I took an 11am (Israel time) or 4am (EDT) out of Tel Aviv and to New York. The flight is about 12 hours, so I didn’t land until after 4pm (EDT). When I landed, I had 322

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Caught Speeding By A Robot

I received a nice letter in the mail from the District of Columbia’s Metropolitan Police Department telling me I was speeding. They even provided proof in the form of photographs. Truth is, I was not driving that car the day they said the violation happened. I was home, in New York – not in Washington,


Can Jews Checkin To Non Kosher Restaurants On Foursquare?

Orthodox Jews do not eat non-kosher food. Many also would not walk into a non-kosher restaurant because they don’t want a kosher Jew to see them going into the non-kosher restaurant and think that it must be kosher since that Jew went in there. So even to use the bathroom, many orthodox Jews wouldn’t even


Stuck On Amtrak Over Delaware River

I am on my way to a client in D.C. This is the first time I am taking Amtrak anywhere, I heard it is the smart way to go from New York to Washington, D.C. We made it to Trenton, New Jersey and stopped there. I’ve been sitting in Trenton for almost two hours. My


Cashed In On My 1st Foursquare Special

Friday I complained a 4sq special failed me but that all changed this Sunday. I went to Modell’s, because you got to go to Mos, and I used a $10 off $50. The cashier had no clue what it was but the manager was right behind him and the manager plugged it in. It was