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Yahoo! Treated Us So Well – Thank You

So you all know I went to Yahoo! Monday and Tuesday. Heck, they gave me all this great Yahoo! shwag but it is important for me to tell you how wonderful they treated us. Let me break it down for you… Pre-Trip: – Ask if I am interested in going and what dates work best


Flight Delayed Then Back on Schedule

So yesterday I was flying back from Yahoo and while still at Yahoo! I got a TripAlert notification from Continental that my flight was delayed from 3:40pm to 6:05pm. It seriously bummed me out, because it meant I would not land until about 2am in the morning, instead of about 12 midnight. In any event,


Shwag From Yahoo! Search Marketing

I told you guys I was visiting Yahoo yesterday and today. You can find the information about Yahoo! releasing Panama at the Search Engine Roundtable. Here is all the cool shwag, Yahoo! gave us. Yahoo! Publisher Network Messenger Bag: Yahoo! Search Marketing & Yahoo! Publisher Network Pen, Pads, Keychain, Gum, Stickers, Pin, & Notebook: Yahoo!


Reminder :: Monday & Tuesday @ Yahoo!

Just a reminder that I am flying to Yahoo! very early Monday morning and won’t be back until very late Tuesday night. So blogging may be affected. Symptoms may include: – delayed posts – fuzzy logic – less posting – shorter posts – more tired Cartoon Barry Over those two days.


30 Minutes for 1/2 a Mile on 42nd Street

I hate driving on 42nd street, in Manhattan. I should seriously not go on that street anymore. It took me 30 minutes to go about 2,500 feet on that block. Between about Broadway and Madison. Just crazy. Barry – do not forget this. Do not attempt it again! Shouldn’t it take about 15 – 20


Going to Yahoo! in a Week

Just a travel note, I came back this morning on a 6am flight. Hence, the slow blogging today at SEW and SER. Next Monday morning, very very early, I fly to the west coast to spend two days at Yahoo! Nothing more to say on this. So both SEW and SER blogging will be off


Need Closer Airport to Suffern, New York

It is so sad that my preferred airport to travel out from is at a minimum 45 minutes away. Newark Airport (EWR) is about 45 minutes from my office, it can take an additional 30 minutes if there is traffic. The second option I have is LaGuardia Airport (LGA) which is about one hour away,


Jesse Jackson at LaGuardia Airport (LGA)

This morning, we went to LaGuardia Airport (LGA) to fly out to St. Louis and guess who we saw pull up? Jesse Jackson, he was standing outside of terminal, waiting for something. A couple people took pictures with him, while he was waiting. I snapped some candids…