Rosh Hashanah Coming – Google ראש השנה Logo

Rosh Hashanah (ראש השנה), the Jewish New Year, is this Friday night. My wife an I are flying to St. Louis tomorrow morning, to spend the weekend with her family. Blogging will be light this Friday and also I won’t be able to blog Monday AM until after about 11AM (EST). In any event… Google


Virgin Atlantic Bans Dell & Apple Laptops

Flying anywhere soon? If so, make sure your airline doesn’t ban your laptop from use onboard. Wired reports that Virgin Atlantic has banned the use of Dell and Apple laptops in-flight. Why? Because some past Dell laptops became flamethrowers, for real. And Apple recalled a ton of batteries that were likely to over heat or


Bob Dylan Concert vs. WebmasterWorld PubCon Conference

I was looking forward to going to both Bob Dylan coming to New York and also attending/covering/speaking at WebmasterWorld PubCon in Vegas. But it turns out they both compete with each other. PubCon is November 14-17, 2006. I would have to fly out November 13th, to make sure I don’t miss any sessions. Bob Dylan


My Credit Card Was At Risk!

I get a voicemail at my home with an automated message from my credit card company that my card has been compromised. They asked me to call an 800 number and dial a special pin. I followed the directions and it took me to a special automated prompt asking me if I give them permission


Invincible – The Movie

Last night, the wife and I went to see Invincible, a movie about Vince Papale from the Philadelphia Eagles. Really one of those inspiring movies where a man with nothing; works in a bar, lost his day job, his wife left him and no real foreseeable future. The Philadelphia Eagles holds a controversial open try


Thanks For The BBQ

What is a better way to spend a Labor Day then to have a really tasty BBQ? Yisha, her sister, and I drove to a friend in Southern New Jersey to have a really plentiful and tasteful BBQ. Seriously, no barbeque tips needed at this BBQ. Well worth the trip, and traffic was not


New York Skyline Getting Dirtier & Grimier Each Day

I was driving to the city today, with the top down on my car, and as I got closer and closer to Manhattan, it started to smell worse and worse. I look up at the sky and the the sunny sky was a bit dark and grimy looking. Got me thinking of that movie where


Sitting In the Airport With the Wife

I am in San Jose Airport with the wife waiting to go through security. We are here pretty early so we decided to hang out in the cafe area prior to going through security. The airport seemed pretty slow and nothing crazy going on here just yet. I did see a cop with a pretty


Last Day of SES a Ghost Town

Typically, the last day of the large SES conferences (4 day conferences) tend to have an abridged version of the 3 previous days. This is the day where Danny, moderators, and speakers, plus the remaining attendees tend to sit back and relax. But boy does a huge convention center look empty when most the people