My View from SMX Advanced, Edgewater Hotel

I often neglect my personal blog when I travel to SEO conferences. I wanted to share my view from the Edgewater Hotel in Seattle while I am at SMX Advanced… I highly recommend this hotel and of course, the conference, when you are in Seattle.


Continental, Running Out Of Time For Inflight Internet

Continental, I have flown a lot of miles with you and all of those miles were Internet (WiFi) free. I want Internet when I fly for over 3 hours – is that so much to ask? I’ll pay for it. I’d pay a lot for it. In December you announced that you would be offering


Getting To Parades Is No Fun

This is not a political post, I don’t talk politics here (😉). Every year there is a parade for Israel, which celebrates the anniversary of Israel’s Independence. Many countries have a parade for their independence in NYC, and Israel is no different. I believe Salute to Israel runs the event, by the way. Personally, I


Airline Flight Status Pages Should Add Foursquare

I tweeted this, but heck, sitting waiting for my flight, so I broke out Photoshop to illustrate how I think Airlines should add Foursquare check ins to their flight status pages. I would love to know right on the flight status page, who else is in the airport that are my friends on Foursquare. Wonder


Foursquare’s Fail Whale

I am in Florida now at the #ssss event and been trying to check in all morning on Foursquare, but I keep getting their fail whale sign: What’s up @foursquare?


Meeting The Inbal Jerusalem Hotel’s SEO Team

When I was in Israel, I planned most my stay with the Inbal Jerusalem Hotel. I actually have stayed there a lot and it is a very nice hotel. The reasons I personally like this hotel is likely different from others. For me, it is between the Sheraton hotel (which just changed names) and the


I’m a Bad Vacationer

For the past two weeks or so, I was on “vacation.” My wife, daughter and I went to Israel. We were there for a family Bar Mitzvah. Since I was coming in, I decided to run the SphinnCon Israel conference one of the days. I then also decided to hold some meetings with clients I


SMX SphinnCon in Jerusalem Post

About to get on a plane back to NY, but I wanted to quickly share the write up on the Jerusalem Post (a very large Israeli paper) on the SphinnCon event that took place Sunday. You can read it over here and here is a picture of it in my hand:


My New Velvet Hebrew RustyBrick Kippah

Today I want to the ultra-orthodox Jewish neighborhood named Geula and purchased some religious wear. One of the things we bought was a new kippah, a brown velvet one . I decided to have them sew on the name RustyBrick, but in Hebrew, on the Kippah. Here is a picture: Don’t I already have a