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How Cars Get Towed In Israel

In America, for a car to get towed, they need to bring a tow truck, then spend 20 minutes hooking up the car and then tow the car away. It is a big process and you rarely see it. In Israel, it is common and done incredibly efficiently. In short, they have this special truck


Blogging Israel: From Nanos To Garbage Dumps To Parks

Today was an interesting day, to say the least. We went to two places today. First the Weizmann Institute, a university designed for only those who have degrees beyond under-grad in the areas of Biology, Chemistry, etc. Second we went to the Hiriya Garbage Dump Recycling Plant, which is being turned into a big park.


Blogging Israel: Boring Summary Video

In continuation of my Blogger Delegation trip to Israel, I had some time this morning, after scheduling a few blog posts this morning at the search blog. So I used the Quick Capture feature on YouTube to make a boring video summary of what we did and where we will be going. Hope it doesn’t


Blogging Israel: Jerusalem’s Old City

Today is Jerusalem day and we first went to the old city. We drove up to Hebrew University to get a nice view of the old city. Then we went to David’s Tomb, some of us were not able to go in. Specifically, Jewish people who are Kohanim are not allowed to go to grave


Blogging Israel: Landed in TLV, Did Dinner & Met Orli

As many of you know, this week, I am in Israel, on an invited Blogger Delegation to Israel with other New York bloggers. We took a midnight flight out Saturday night, and arrived 10:30ish AM (EST), which is about 4:30pm here in Israel. The 10+ hour flight was a bit cramped but El Al gave


El Al Schwag :: Lounge Access & Nice Treatment

My wife called me when I was at a meeting to let me know I received a package from El Al. We are flying El Al for the Blogger delegation to Israel, El Al is Israel’s main airline. Since I am a nice husband, I gave her my permission to open the package (eagerly awaits


Israel Blogger Delegation: NY Bloggers Named

IsRealli blog wrote about the Blogger Delegation to Israel, so I guess it really is official. We (bloggers) should be arriving this Sunday, to spend a week in Israel, blogging about our experiences. Honestly, I don’t know much about what to expect. I know my flight information and the Tel Aviv hotel we are staying


Always Connected to Internet While in Israel

When I went to Israel a couple months ago, I was ecstatic to to have an international data plan for my iPhone. It really let me enjoy my time in Israel, knowing that I can be connected all the time, where ever I went. But it is not enough to be connected to the Internet


Invited To Join The Bloggers Delegation to Israel

Yesterday, I received an email from the Israeli Consulate in New York inviting me to join a team of bloggers going to Israel, they call it a Blogger delegation to Israel. Basically, they want several bloggers to go, experience Israel and write about it. How cool! Back in May of last year, I heard from

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My SMX West 2009 Pictures

Here are pictures from the sessions at SMX West 2009. Hope to get back to blogging here on a normal schedule next week. Also, check out our live blogging coverage at the Search Engine Roundtable.