Got Boots

After years, possibly 10 years, of not owning a pair of boots, I finally caved and bought a pair. Sears was having a good deal (I think good deal) on the Everlas Chukka Boot in Black. So for $28, after tax and shipping, I ordered a pair. It was 50% cause of clearance and then


Gonna Be a Bad Winter?

The snow is really coming down now. I think about five inches is expected in Suffern, where I am right now. When I got to work, it was a clear sky – so when RBers started walking in complaining about the snow, I was shocked. I have a feeling it is going to be a

Motor VehicleWeather

Snow Coming: Windshield Wipers in Up Position

There is a snow storm coming and there is about 6-12 inches of snow expected in my area. A reminder, when you park your car at work – and, I assume you are all going to work today, put your windshield wipers in the up position. Nothing worse than trying to dig them out of


Time to Break Out Winter Jacket

Yesterday, I got cold. It was like 20 degrees out all day, last night it was in the single digits and when I left my house, it was like 15 degrees outside. Now, it is a brisk 19 degrees and it is only 9:15am. I refuse to wear big, puffy coats, like illustrated to the


Driving Through Buckets Of Rain

This afternoon I had to drive up-state a bit, up to Newburgh, NY for a meeting. I actually met with a company that makes things out of steel. Yea, it was an interesting place. That is for another blog entry. On my way home, the sky opened up and it felt like someone threw a


Pollen on My Car: It’s Bad

Thankfully, I really don’t have allergies. My wife is not as fortunate, her allergies stink. In any event, I wanted to convey to you all how bad it is here, with the tree pollen. You can take a look at the Weather Pollen Report for my area and see this chart: Or you can use


Happy Spring

My heat bills are dropping and spring is coming! Happy first day of Spring! Google even has a logo! Tomorrow, I will have a theme up for Purim at the Search Engine Roundtable. But if you missed our past two themes, here they are: St. Patty: Pi Day:


Snow Ain’t Stopping

Snowed bad enough that I worked from home. I never work from home. Anyway… I set my calls in my office to go to my cell. My clients really had no idea. In any event… Here is a picture of the snow in my back yard: Yea, that is my grill, wonder if I should


Broke Down & Hired a Landscaper

I broke down and hired a landscaper. I tried to figure if I would buy a mower and a leaf blower – would it be more cost effective. But It would still eat up way too many of my hours each month if I did it myself. Would it be more cost effective for me


Bone Cold: In Teens

It is freezing outside, literally – freezing. Since Wednesday night, it dropped down into the teens. With the wind-chill factor, it feels like it is in the single digits. Starting this afternoon, it is supposed to warm up a bit in the 20s. I can’t wait. Then it should hit the 30s and low 40s