Twister Comes To New York: Tornado Watch in Rockland

I turn around and look outside the window and everything is dark, like it is night time. The trees are blowing, like I have never seen them blow. The rain, lightening and thunder is coming down like I can not remember. Bam! The electricity goes out for a second. Backup worked, server is fine. But

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Here Comes a Weekend Snow In

Last night is started to snow a bit, but I was able to get my car to work. However, I doubt I will be able to get it back. There are rumors that this weekend, it is suppose to snow a foot or so. Here is a picture of what is going on now. Worse


Missed Tuesday Basketball Three Weeks in a Row!

I don’t think I have ever missed Tuesday basketball three times in a row. At most, maybe two weeks, but not even when I went on my honeymoon. The first two weeks, I ended up stuck with work until well after 10pm each day. But last night I missed for two reasons. (1) My wife


It Salted Last Night

I think everyone was thinking it would snow last night. Luckily, it did not. But instead, it looked like it “salted” last night. All the streets here are shiny and covered with salt from the plow trucks. I guess they were or are preparing for a snow storm. But I don’t see snow on the

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My Lexus SC 430 is Free!

Well, not free as in money, free as in mobile. I finally was able to get my car out of its snow trap. What did it take? – A new shovel – Digging around the car – Digging under the car – Ice scraping really close to the wheels – Rocking back and forth –

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Car Is Still Stuck in Snow

This morning, I explained that I had to take my wife’s car to work because my car was stuck in the snow. I decided to head home early, work from home and try to get my car out. I shoveled out the back of the car (the car is rear wheel drive). Scrapped the ice

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My Car Didn’t Make It To Work With Me

Remember yesterday, I told you the snow is coming, well, it came a bit later than expected. It started about 8pm (EST) and when I woke up, there was an ice storm. So the snow wasn’t high or deep, just very icy. I try to pull my car out, but it just spun. After trying


The Snow is Coming! The Snow is Coming!

We haven’t had that much snow here, relative to other years. So when there are some signs of snow, the news stations go wild over covering it. And with upstate New York reporting well over a 100 inches of snow, I guess it got some worried. According to the snow is suppose to start


It’s Cold!

I walk outside this morning about 6am and I get in my car, turn it on and bam – it read 6 degrees Fahrenheit. As I drove to work, a bit later, it dropped down to 5 degrees. Brrrr. Right now at 10 AM (EST) it is 10 degrees: But honestly, I cannot complain, it