It Is Snowing… It Is Snowing…

Yes, last night, I walked out of the office and I had a layer of snow on my car. It stopped snowing soon later. But then I walked out this morning and it was snowing, flakes were dropping. Here is a live Web Cam from Weather Bug so you can see the snow, in real

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Driving in Fog & Darkness In Morning Hours

This morning, it was extremely foggy. I decided before I pulled into work, I take a picture of the visibility while sitting at a red light. Notice how it is hard to see. 🙂 Extremely Foggy Very Dark Windows are fogged up also from cold Not only the above three items, but also when it

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Cold Car

So I was away this whole week in Chicago, a place colder than New York. But when I got back, my car has been sitting still for about five days. This morning, at about 6am, when it was 17 degrees outside, I got into my car. The car was ice cold. You know, when you