Just Interesting

Google Maps Street View Photospheres Take Off Pounds

They say the camera adds ten pounds, well not photosphere cameras. You know, the cameras that do 360 degree views. The street view guys came over to add RustyBrick to Google Maps inside view and with that he took a photosphere of some of the folks in the office. The picture above is of me


My Sports Superstition: Watch The Jets Play & They Lose

So I have this weird football superstition… Most people have sports superstition like wearing the same hat, holding something during a game, saying a prayer or whatever. Mine might be the weirdest one. If I watch the New York Jets play live on TV, they will lose. I watched them today and they had their

SEO Tips

Google Change Of Address Done & Done

I am always nervous migrating sites from domain A to domain B but in this case, it is a person blog, so I have no fears. Both sites are verified with Google Search Console, the 301 redirects are in place and working and I didn’t make the mistake of robots.txt’ing out this site from GoogleBot.


Buying Shoelaces Online Isn’t Easy

Typically when I buy shoes, I wear those shoes every day of the week. I am not the type of person that wears different shoes with different wardrobes. So when I wear shoes, I wear them for long periods, every day, through all weather. I really wear them out fast and often, the shoes outlast

Motor Vehicle

Running Low On Miles…

In mid-February, my lease for my car is up and I get a new car. The only issue, my lease allows me for 36,000 miles over three years. I am now over 35,000 miles and I have over 1.5 months of driving to go. Above is a picture of the odometer from my car this


Moved CartoonBarry.com To BarrySchwartz.org

Image credit to StartBloggingOnline.com on Flickr. When I originally started this site back in 2006, almost 10 years ago, I used the Movable Type blog platform. Over the years the platform kind of died out and I was unable to continue to use it. I left the blog up, but I was unable to post

Just Interesting

Check Out The Star Wars Theme At The Search Engine Roundtable

We posted a star wars theme on the Search Engine Roundtable, here is a picture of it, I hope you like it. Truth is, I am not a Star Wars fan – not cause I wouldn’t like it, just because I have no time for any fanship stuff. 🙂

Motor Vehicle

Awkward Feeling Of Waiting For Your Car At The Car Wash

I get a car wash typically once a year, unless something bad happens, right before Passover. For $10 they clean the outside and more importantly the inside. I am a very clean person, so it isn’t bad, but there are crumbs and stuff not allowed for Passover in my car, thus the $10 goes to


New Record: 19,957 Emails In 27 Days

I broke a personal record of mine. I sent and received 19,957 emails in the past month, well, actually 27 days. Between the dates of December 30, 2013 and January 26, 2014, I sent 5,870 emails (that is up 66%) and received 14,087 emails (that is up 22%). This is well above my average of