Flickr is Just Too Hard to Sign Up With

I never used to take pictures, really never. But after getting married, things change – oh yea, you think you won’t change but some things do. My brother and sister-in-law got me a Canon camera, small, quick, and has some cool features. So now I take a lot more pictures. Deal is, family and friends


Wasted Efforts = Wasted Money

I have this old time client, I believe most of those in the company believe the Web is an important part to their business. But there are some decision makers that feel that the Web does not deserve any investment on the company’s part. They do not want to spend any money to upgrade their


And We Are Done, Well Almost

After a long five hours of digging we have finally put most of everything away. This is what remains. – Items to return placed in wife’s car for whenever….hopefully I won’t have to go to the store – Items in a bedroom waiting to be put in closet – Boxes by door, ready to be

Daily Grind

Places I Have Been Quoted: Reputation Management

I have been covering the topic of “online reputation management” for a while now, the most recent post I have on it was named Personal Reputation Management: The Reactive Approach. I feel it is important for pretty much everyone to track what people are saying about them. I have been doing this for years with


Digging Out of Homes: Never Ending?

The constant digging out of stuff you accumulate is never fun. Yea, I told you about how I love to return stuff, but yea, we still have a room filled with boxes of stuff we either need to return or put away. It has been a slow process. Last night, we moved the final items

Daily Search Coverage

Google & Microsoft Q2 $, SEOs & Blackmail, Site Diagnostics Tool, AdWords Tips & Click Fraud Report +

Today in the search news I covered topics from Wall Street to Wild Fire Real Time Databases. I covered the second quarter revenue reports from Google and Microsoft. I also wrote about AdWords getting back a positive report that called their click fraud detection practices to be “reasonable.” Plus if you are in the AdWords

Motor Vehicle

Please Don’t Park That Close To Me

Every so often I park in a spot with no cars around me. But then I get back to my car and it is surrounded with other cars. Ok, so that is expected. But why, why, why park so close to me that I can barely open the drivers door, to get in to the

Just Funny

Divorce Via NYC Billboard

My brother-in-law sent me this after confirming that this billboard is actually up on 54th and 7th in Manhattan, New York. Now that is too funny. Don’t mess with smart & witty women. But more importantly, don’t cheat on your wife.