Just Interesting

Another Deck Of Cards With My Face On Them

I think this may be the fourth deck of cards I have received over the years with my face on them. The first, I believe, was SEOMoz and I forget the others but here is a new one. From PushON, Online Marketing Superheros. You can see it shows fans, minions, power, cries for help and


Added A New Box To My Device Box Collection

Today I added a new box to my device box collection that I recently started building. Here are the boxes, can you guess which one is new? Can’t figure out what it is? Here is a hint: Disclaimer: I did not buy it, it was gifted to me by Microsoft.


Tree Down

Apparently there is a tree down across my drive. At least it did not hit my house. I just cut down 3-4 trees, but I guess this one felt left out.


Who’s Correct: Apple via iPhone or Google Now via Glass

So before I leave to work every day, I check to see the traffic. I always check my iPhone notification center and Google Now via Google Glass to see how long they both think my commute will be. They rarely agree but often are close. Here is a picture of what I see through glass


Added A Third Monitor: Wireless Wall-Mounted

Last night I mounted an extra TV we had in the office on my office wall. I hooked up an Apple TV and now with Apple Mavericks, I can extend my display wirelessly to that TV on the wall. Here is a picture of my Apple Display, MacBook Display and now wireless LG TV display


My Email Problem As An Animated GIF

Most people know I get a lot of email. I post about it every few months or so on Facebook or Twitter. I get the monthly Google Activity Monitor emails to my Google Apps account and I click to see if I am getting better or worse. I figured I look back at the past


Thanksgiving Challah Turkey From Challah Fairy

Every now and then I go to a local place to eat that specializes in making Challah named the Challah Fairy. I had time to run there for lunch today and I spotted this Thanksgiving day Challah in the shape of a Turkey. How funny!