Moved To Amazon Web Services: Blog Should Work?

We are upgrading our servers off RackSpace and onto Amazon Web Services and this blog was just moved. I think we the update the commenting system was fixed. If so, I may start blogging more often here. Can you test commenting? 🙂 Comment away…


My Mother Passed Away & What I Didn’t Understand

For people who know me, they know I do not express a lot of emotion. When I do, it is often comes out easier when I type it on a blog than speak it. The vast majority of my immediate family (brothers, sister, parents) were in Israel for my Nephews Bar Mitzvah – a nephew


AT&T LTE iPhone 5 Doesn’t Work Over Voice Either

A couple weeks ago, the day prior to the iPhone 5 release, Verizon Wireless admitted that you cannot use data LTE and talk on the phone at the same time on the iPhone 5. It was upsetting, it actually made me stick with AT&T and not switch to Verizon Wireless. But after owning the iPhone

Motor Vehicle

What Are The Chances Of $66.66 Again?

Tell me, what are the chances of this happening two times in a row? I filled up in between but that time was in New Jersey and by their law, someone has to fill up for you. So twice in a row, when I personally filled up my car, I got $66.66 when it clicked

Just Weird

Creepy Gas Fill It Up: $66.66 At A Loss

I filled up my car with gas, which is always an upsetting thing to do these days and the gas stopped by itself at this: You see that? $66.66 But look at the gallons and turn it upside down. It says LOSS! Too many crazy things going on there. Comment at Google+.