The constant digging out of stuff you accumulate is never fun. Yea, I told you about how I love to return stuff, but yea, we still have a room filled with boxes of stuff we either need to return or put away. It has been a slow process.

Last night, we moved the final items out of Yisha’s old place and into our place. Well, we moved it out of Yisha’s place but now it is sitting in our SUV waiting to be brought into our place. It is like never ending.

So today, after I finish up at the office, I will be moving things again. It could be worse, it could be a move from a home we lived in for like 50 years then into a new one. If we (well, really she) accumulated this stuff over 25 years or so, then imagine an other 25 years of stuff. Not looking forward to it.

Ok, gotta get finished with work so I can start putting things away again. Fun fun!

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