lexus-sc430-box.jpgMy wife found these tables she wanted at Bombay, so I was like, let’s just order them online and have them shipped. At the time it was about $50 less, and then we forgot about them. When we remembered, and checked the price listed on the Bombay site, it just felt wrong ordering them for $50 more.

But we saw a coupon listed on the site, and we tried adding that coupon code at the checkout step, but it did not take. We then called the 800# but they were already closed. So I told my wife to call the next day. Yea, she did call. And it turned out to be a $100 less if we picked it up from one of the local stores. So while at the mall we ordered it from Bombay. I then came back Wednesday night to pick it up, the thing was, I was in my small car.

I have the Lexus SC 430 (2005), although it is a sweet car, it doesn’t fit much in it, especially not large boxes. Heck, even their promotional material kind of mocks the space limitations. It says, “still leaving enough room for a set of golf clubs.”

Anyway, when the guy from Bombay took the box out of the storage area, he looked at the car and laughed. I looked back at him and said, everything always manages to fit. I first tried putting it in the trunk and tying the trunk down. That didn’t work too well. Again, the Bombay guy was smirking. I then moved the top down into the trunk, which kinda made the Bombay guy go ‘ooo.’ I then moved the passenger seat as far forward as I could, and pushed down the front of that seat into the dashboard. I placed the box in the space behind the passenger seat, it barely fit. I smirked at the Bombay guy and said, I told you, everything always manages to fit.

I then squeezed myself in the drivers seat. Picture the box taking about a 3rd of my seat. My right shoulder was under the forward part of the box. I was completely unable to look through the rear view mirror, and the right side mirror was 95% obstructed. I couldn’t look right to see if cars or people were there either. But I drove slowly, I didn’t take the highway back, I took the side streets. And I made it back with the box intact that night.

I wish I had a picture of it, also a picture of all the weird faces I got from other drivers on the road.

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