niko-32-tv-scam.jpgWhen I got married, I bought a new flat screen LCD high-definition TV. I searched months prior for the best deal; price and quality. I decided to buy the a no name brand, but got some excellent reviews, from Niko. The TV is excellent, it is my first LCD and my only complaint is the remote control. The remote stinks and there is currently no universal remote control handling for this TV.

I bought it from Tiger Direct, they had the best deals, and the reviews were plentiful while the product was in stock. It offered a $100 rebate that would go through I filled out all the paper work, handed in all the papers and original UPCs and the email receipts (since that was the only receipt I got from Tiger Direct).

Niko rejected the rebate because it was an email receipt. Supposedly, I had to go to the Tiger Direct web site, login, go to the invoices section and then print out that version of the receipt. No where did it state this… Oh, and get this. Niko does not accept any resubmissions, no matter what.

It looks like I was not the only one who fell for this, here are two others.

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  1. Victor Ing

    In regard to the Niko rebate….i am very watchful of this kind of thing now-a-days…i would suggest if you have copies of your purchase and rebate information, at least file an online complaint with the Better Business Bureau, if for no other reason than some self-satisfaction for yourself….sorry about your bad experience..

  2. R.J.

    Niko/Buy.Com ripoff. Bought Niko monitor on 10/07 with promise of $20 rebate. Now 4/08 and no rebate. Niko acknowledged receipt of proper forms and stated rebate was “approved” and in process. Since then no rebate, no status or no response to numerous emails. Would advise steering clear of either company as both have el stinko or non existant customer service and rebate is apparently a “scam”. Will not do business with either concern again and urge caution for those who do.

  3. Mak

    Niko are big time scammers -beware.I purchased a 22′ NIKO LCD monitor from which was advertised with a $50 rebate. I filled out all the paperwork, cut out the UPC from the box and mailed well before the deadline.Waited for around 9 weeks before calling then and they said that they are running behind on rebates – I will get mine soon. Called up 4 weeks after that same story -but this time with a twist , my rebate info was apprently entered in their ystem and I was supposed to get a cheque in the next two weeks. WEll 2 weeks past and then 3, called them on the 4th week and they said they denied the rebate coz it was a late submisson. I asked them to fax me the envelope which I had mailed to them with the relevant post stamp. They faxed me the envelope but the most intresting part ..everything on the envelope is crystal clear except the date.The date stamp is very faint , weird part though? the other stamp which denotes where it was mailed from is crystal clear. I have filed compalint with the BBB and also am in the process of drafting a letter to the Attorney Generals office. Meanwhile if you are thinking of purchasing any Niko products with rebates – BE VERY WARY!! They are crooks and scam artists, I wish there were more stringent laws and greater penalties for companies who have these kind of dishonest prcatices.

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