Huge RSS IconIt seems like every day a new SEO blog is created. Now, I can’t possibly subscribe to each one… well maybe I can. But why don’t you help me.

If you want me to subscribe to your blog and I have not yet, then please comment below with your blog URL. In fact, if you want to make it faster for me, just include the add blog URL for Google Reader….

If I see your blog, it has a better chance to get covered at Search Engine Land and be included in the SearchCap at Search Engine Land.

So, please help me – help you. I think that is the slogan.

How do you know if I read your blog already? Well, if it is in my link farm, then I do read it. If it is not, I still may read it, but not have updated the link farm – but feel free to submit it just in case below.

Only SEO blogs please.

I believe all links in comments are nofollowed, not that the nofollow will prevent comment spam. 🙂

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