I decided to merge the Daily Link Finds with the Daily Search Coverage into one post. This way people who don’t care about the search stuff can skip over one post as opposed to two posts. Fair? Comment below.

Daily Search Coverage:

Today in search I covered… Do search engines love text links way more than image links? You bet ya! Should you break out articles on multiple pages? Google has been dropping pages from their index. Google stop telling us what time it is. Should you put a product’s price in your search ads? Google’s CFO retired. SEM companies don’t pitch their services well. Love those local ads. CCIA launches Defend Fair Use site. Flash Earth maps the mapping companies. Sproose goes Digg in video search. Yahoo UK added search suggestions.

Search Engine Roundtable Topics:

  1. What’s Better? Image Based Links or Text Links? What About in H1 Tags?
  2. Break Our Articles on Multiple Pages or Keep Them on One Page?
  3. Pages Dropping Out of the Google.com Search Index
  4. Google Drops Current Time Search Operator?
  5. Should You Mention Product Cost in Your PPC Ads?
  6. Google’s Chief Financial Officer George Reyes to Retire
  7. 61% of Ad Agencies Don’t Research Prospects Before Making Sales Pitch
  8. How To Place a Location Under your Google Search Ad

Search Engine Land Topics:

  1. Google CFO George Reyes To Resign
  2. CCIA, Google & Microsoft Launch “Defend Fair Use” Web Site
  3. Flash Earth Puts Google Earth, Virtual Earth & Others On Web
  4. Sproose Adds Voting To Help Rank Video Search Results
  5. Yahoo Launches Search Suggestions In The UK

Daily Link Finds:

Daily Link Finds GraphicThis is the August 29th issue of a daily post that will contain links to commentary of the posts over at the Search Engine Roundtable. All links I find throughout the day that ad some commentary to the posts written over at the Search Engine Roundtable, will be in the Daily Link Finds. The purpose is two fold: (1) To help people find discussion around our articles and (2) To thank people for linking to us. How do I find these links? Only one way, via a Google Blog Search link command, so make sure that (1) you are in Google Blog Search and (2) link to us.

Daily Link Finds for August 29th, 2007:

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