I am not feeling to well. Starting last night, couldn’t stop sneezing and had a runny nose.

This morning and now I feel pretty bad, I may have fever, I dunno.

Here is a picture of my eyes, via my iPhone.

I'm Sick

It is never a good time to get sick, is it? Well, maybe the weekends.

I used to get sick only on Fridays, which worked out well. I would sleep the whole weekend and not miss any work. I guess it can’t always work that way. So here I am at work, probably with a fever. At least I have an appetite (no comments from family 😉 )

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  1. MattC

    Started Friday night for me… middle of the night choking on phlegm for days, then it loosened up and been sneezing and blowing nose for the past 48 hrs.. I blame Google.

  2. sick boy


    dont be such a devoted worker GO HOME and take care of yourself


    U always have one thta doesnt matter for u
    I was sick yesterday
    24 hour virus

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