vonage fios optimumA few weeks ago I wrote about my dilemma in picking a Internet, TV and Phone provider. This week I finally made a decision, thanks to the helpful comments and advice. So what did I choose.

I picked three different providers.

(1) Internet: How can I not go with Verizon FiOS. It is super speeds and nothing, to-date, compares. So I picked FiOS. I have an install date.

(2) Phone: Vonage. Why? Because Verizon and Optimum both required that I get a new number, since I am moving to a new zip code. Vonage allowed me to transfer my number. So I ordered Vonage, it is being delivered soon. I requested a transfer of number and I plan on using Vonage at my current residence and then moving the box with me to the new residence.

(3) TV: Optimum via CableVision. Verizon didn’t have TV service available in my area, so I signed up with CableVision. No other choice outside of getting a satellite provider or using an antenna.

If Verizon comes out with TV, I will likely switch because I rather pay one bill but this is the best I can do now.

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