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Picture Live Radio Show

So, Chris, Ben and I do a live radio show weekly (we were off for the summer), Tuesday nights at 5pm (EST). We decided to kick things off for the new season at SES San Jose. We did it live in the exhibit hall during the networking reception. This is what it looks like to


Quick Video of Google Dance 2007

Last night was the Google Dance. Here is a quick video of what went on, after dark. While upstairs, Matt and the Google engineers were answering questions: How did we get to the Google Dance? Chris Boggs and Frank Watson organized a limo service. Chris is the one who seems very happy in that picture.

Daily Grind Replaces My Broken Pen with High Class

So Gary Price handed me a box, wrapped in birthday paper this morning. It looked like this: So I looked at the card on the front, which read: Barry – Now you’ll always know when your pen’s running low! Enjoy, So I open the box and find a feather pen with a bottle of


Why I Prefer Not to Go to Parties at Conferences

As many of you know, I go to a ton of search conferences. From SES (which I am at now), to WebmasterWorld, to the new Search Marketing Expo – I hit them all. Most of them are flowered with night events, where different vendors and agencies sponsor parties, dinners and more. Now, a lot of


My View from San Jose Marriott

I am at the San Jose Marriott for the fourth time, in four years, I think. Here is my view: I believe the weather here is always perfect. If that is even possible. Off to the conference shortly.


My iPhone Movie Was Aired on Airplane!

So, I am all excited to play movies on my iPhone for this trip. I download an undisclosed movie, a get ready to start up the movie on the plane yesterday. The overhead screens come down and show the featured presentation. Guess what is playing? Figure it out yet? Yes, the movie I downloaded to

Daily Search Coverage

SES, Live, Robots, Index Notice, AdWords, Geo Target, Quality, Fast, Family Guy, AA Suit, Jean Hamster

Joe Morin posts his final SES party list. Webmasters notice weird referrers from Live Search. Google improved the robots.txt report. A weird tool can check your Google status. Tips on high performing keywords in Google. A how to guide on geo targeting your Google ads. Google’s new ad traffic quality center is live. Fast Search

SEO Tips

Pre SES Schwag

The folks over at have sent me schwag already! Even before the SES conference started. Pretty neat. Here is the package: Basically, it is suppose to contain items that will help you do well at SES. Here are the two cool items in the package:


How Well Do You Wash Your Hands?

I just came out of the bathroom! I walk into the bathroom, there is this guy turning on the faucet with a paper towel. I go do my thing and he is still there, scrubbing his hands with soap. I wash my hands with soap and water. Turn off faucet. Dry hands. He is still