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I looked at the length of time it takes to rank well. Google does not like excessive link exchanges. Google is inviting publishers to the AdSense Advisory Council. Google Referrals 2.0’s wish list is up. We are providing ridiculous SES coverage, and check the parties. Faces in Google Images are nice. Matt Cutts warns on

Just Weird

$1.5 Million Down The Tubes

$1.5 Million Yacht Plunges Nose-First Into the Ocean from Gizmodo is a true story. That $1.5 million yacht slipped right off its sling when being lowered into the water and bam. It ended up upside down. Snopes.com confirmed the story. A marketing representative with Carver Yachts confirmed that this explanation is basically correct: We are


Dilemma: FiOS vs. Optimum with Moving

As some of you know already, I was house shopping. It looks like we pretty much agreed on a house, so I decided to call Verizon about their FiOS offering last night. The representative told me that Internet and telephone are both available BUT the TV connection is not. Ouch! I seriously wanted to have

Motor Vehicle

Driving on Empty

I have been driving on empty for the past two days. It is a good thing I work less than 4 miles away from my office. The light has been on for a while. I had to go out before and finally broke down and bought some gas. The fill up cost… Guess… One guess….

Just Weird

Boy Gets Locked in Gun Safe

People buy gun safes to keep children away from their guns. Boy, 10, Gets Locked in Store’s Gun Safe from the AP reports that a young boy got locked in a gun safe while at a Sam’s Club. Reportedly, the kid was locked in the safe for 15 minutes. Daniel’s mother, Laura Jancura, had brought

Daily Search Coverage

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YouTube allows you to plug in maps data. Google Maps soon can be easily embedded on your pages. AdWords drops some features. Microsoft buys up aQuantive. The PageRank hysteria continues. UK site rank dropping. Google Webmaster Tools adds malware form. Ask.com goes simple with US commercials. Live search is up up and away, well, maybe