Farlex133x51.gifThere is this guy named Steve that I see at almost every search conference I go to. He typically is on the same flights from New York to the conference city that I am on. I think, more times than not, he is on my flight, which is a bit creepy – if you think about it.

We always did some small chat but this last trip, we chatted a ton on the way back to New York from San Jose.

Steve runs this company named Farlex, but it the company’s products that are cool. The two main products include:

The Free Dictionary which provides not just dictionary items, but it is a huge portal, that you can customize to your liking. Check it out.

The Free Library which provides tons of syndicated articles from tons of sources. The articles have social media buttons within them, plus commenting and much more. You can translate any page and more.

Good stuff.

In any event, Steve and I chatted a lot. He is buying a new house and I am also. He gave me so many helpful tips, so many. It was a fun chat and I hope all goes well with your house as you finalize the remaining details!

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  1. Friends

    WOW the begining just sounded creapy and i would think twice before going again but at the end its just a new friend u made


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