Sphinncon Israel BannerSphinnCon Israel is just under two weeks away and it is amazing how much work is involved in setting one of these things up. Keep in mind, this is just a half day event, not one of these multiple day events, with lunches, hotels, exhibit halls and so on – all we had to worry about was a half day event.

But things are going very well. We have about 10 tickets remaining before we sell out. I am very happy about that. I wanted to reach out personally and thank those who have helped out both in terms of their time and money.

Contributors: There are a handful of people who have helped make this networking event possible in such a short time span. I cannot list everyone, because I received several dozen emails from advice, requests, support and guidance. But I wanted to name a handful who have been active on a day-to-day basis with the planning of the event.

  • Michael Barnett from RankAbove has been extremely active is helping organize the speakers, the hand out and much more. Thank you Michael!
  • Eli Feldblum the CEO of RankAbove for helping with the initial set up, daily emails and having three members of his company devoted to this event. Thanks Eli.
  • Roi Hildesheimer from Tens Web Marketing for doing a lot of the behind the scenes things!
  • Gilad Sasson (algoholic) from nekuda.co.il. Gilad helped around and gave advice from the perspective of a veteran Israeli SEO.
  • Mayer Reich RankAbovefor helping coordinate the speakers and panelists and much more.
  • Branko Rihtman of Tens Web Marketing (aka neyne) has been helping all over the board, from sponsors to the venue to speakers – Branko has been instrumental in setting this up.

Sponsors: These are the guys who are handing over the cash so that we can pay for printing the handout, banners, and name badges. The also help pay for the food and drinks in the after hours events. Sponsoring the venue and hardware and internet for the presentations. Without their financial contributions, it would be hard to pull off the event, with just the $50 per attendee.

  • Play65, an online backgammon site (backgammon is huge in Israel, I think). They have agreed to sponsor the first ever SphinnCon Israel. Thank you so much and make sure to give backgammon a shot, it rocks!


  • K.co.il, a Hebrew Internet Marketing site and portal. K has a thriving Hebrew SEO forum tons of members and tons of posts and threads. Thank you K!


  • Compucall, yes, they have an English version. Compucall is a Web marketing company that does SEO, PPC, web analytics, email marketing and much more. The company is lead by Ophir Cohen (his blog), who started the company in 1999 and has been in the SEO industry forever. Thank you!


  • The Jerusalem College of Technology‘s Department of Technological Management and Marketing. They have been gracious to host the event for us at their campus, for free. They are giving us a huge lobby and huge class room that will fit 150 people comfortably. Thank you JCT!


Panelists & Speakers: And of course, a huge thank you to the speakers and panelists who have been confirmed. Those not mentioned above include Sam Michelson CEO of Five Blocks, Avi Wilensky CEO of Promedia Corp, Itai Levitan the Managing Partner at EasyNet, Alon Sheafer the Founder of Kenshoo, Tal Cohen the Finance and Technology Industry Manager at Google Israel, Michael G. Samet, Ph.D. the CEO, Referral Technology, Inc., Tzvika Avnery aPartner at Tagadam, Roi Carthy of TechCrunch and Lior Hene of Yedda.

Thank you all for making this possible and helping bring SMX to Israel!

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