So what else did we do on our trip to Boston? Well, I told you about the big CITGO sign, going to Cheers and walking up Bunker Hill Monument, but we did have time to do a few more things in our two day trip.

We jumped on Frog Pond Lily, to check out the Duck Boat Tours. The tour guides are interesting in a weird way. The guy we had, wore a rubber ducky around his waist, and had elmo arm floaters. There were others who were dressed a lot weirder, but they were all enjoyable to listen to. And yea, they made us quake.

Duck Boat Tours "Frog Pond Lily"

Speaking of ducks, we stayed right by Boston Commons and here is a duck from the park:

Boston Common Park

We also ventured to the USS Constitution, which was closed on Monday, but we were able to go into the museum there and play with the canons:

USS Constitution on a Monday (closed)

I don’t have pictures of the science museum, but we did go there. We saw an IMAX showing of Sea Monsters, I love IMAX. 🙂

I think is all or most of what we did in Boston. We do actually plan on coming back for these short, two day (Sunday/Monday) vacations. We would like to do some whale watching (I hear they are interesting to look at) and check out Sam Adams (we go way back) and a few more things we did not have time to do this trip.

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    Many thanks for writing “Duck Boat Tours,
    Boston Commons, USS Constitution & More” Blackout Shades .
    I actuallymay definitely be back for a great deal more reading through and writing comments in the near future.
    Thanks a lot, Doug

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