It has been a while since I shared some of the new features we have been working on for the iPhone Siddur. Again, you can see the full feature request list over here. We have not yet released a new version, we are hoping to fine tune this version to a solid 2.0 version. So here are some of the more visible things, besides for a lot of code cleaning and minor bug fixes.

(1) Gave the user the ability to specify their Candle Lighting (when Shabbat starts) times and Havdalah (when Shabbat ends) time. Go to settings and you’ll see this:

iPhone Siddur - Zmanim Preferences

Tap your finger on the time to change the “default” to anything you hold.

My congregation does 45 minutes after sundown:

iPhone Siddur Now Havdalah

(2) You can also change the font style in preferences. Note, only two fonts work with nekudot, so here they are:

iPhone Siddur - Font Preference

(3) Finally, you can now see upcoming holidays on the Luach. How? Well, open the Luach:

iPhone Siddur - Shake It

Now, shake the iPhone or iPod Touch. Yea, give it a little shake and presto, it flips to this list view:

iPhone Siddur - Upcoming Events

Can’t see all the info? Just rotate it horizontally and you can view more.

Those are some, not all, of the new features coming to iPhone Siddur 2.0.

Website Comments

  1. Sam I Am

    Great news! Please keep these updates flowing. By the way, can a shake be used to page down the siddur? Can the iPhone tell between different types of shakes? This could be an alternative way to bypass scrolling in the siddur.
    Consider adding a ” – Mevorchim Elul” to the Luach Parsha name.

  2. Barry Schwartz

    I dont think we can do different types of shakes. And not sure if I want shaking activated for the Siddur itself. Some people shake back and forth when praying, pretty quickly. 😉

  3. Moshe hazano

    can the “shake” also be a tap? Can it be put in calendar like grid with color to indicate haggim/shabbat?tap on block for detail. Hol hamoed in different color than hag etc.
    Htzlaha rabba ubrahot al rosh-ha!

  4. Conner

    nice tutorial! so helpful is it! I think some updates will come soon, I know you will follow all the change, so please let us know about all the novelties

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