Last night, I went back to one of my most favorite places to eat, Noah’s Ark – with the family and a close friend. My brother-in-law was there and he was a bit peeved that he did not get what he won from Noah’s Ark.

Several months ago, he told me he ate what is called the “Ginormous Burger.” If you eat the whole burger, Noah’s Ark promises to give you a T-Shirt and put you on their web site. Neither has happened!

I snapped a picture of the menu from the restaurant, to show you (at least) part of the claim:

Noah's Ark Ginormous Burger

So, today, I scanned their web site and found no mention of any winners or even the Ginormous Burger. So, I did a Google site search for “ginormous” and found nothing. Clearly something is wrong here. I doubt my brother-in-law lied to me about finishing that burger and even if he did, I am sure someone else was able to do it but yet, there is no mention of anyone stepping up to the challenge, on the Noah’s Ark web site.

Now, I can understand that the web design company might not be around to update the site. But at least give the man his T-Shirt.

Noah, I still love the food. 🙂

Update: They finally crowned him, a month after this blog post.

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  1. Brother-in-Law

    Trust me. Not only did I eat it, but I downed that puppy in 15 minutes. There were people there who witnessed the feat.

    It is just annoying that not only did I have to pay THIRTY DOLLARS for the “honor” of eating the damn thing, but it has now been at least SIX MONTHS and I have heard nothing from them.

    If it were not for the good food at Noah’s Ark, this incident would keep me from going there again.

  2. Scott Van Achte

    Wow, Give the man his prize! Thats crazy! Last night for dinner I had two bbq’d burgers, totaling about a half pound of beef. I was stuffed beyond belief.

    If your brother-in-law was able to eat that 36oz monster, then he should not only get the t-shirt, his photo posted, but also a free colonoscopy!

  3. Brother-in-Law


    Don’t forget to include the TWELVE OUNCE bun on that thing. That brings the grand total up to THREE solid POUNDS of pure heart attack. To top it all off, I had to eat all of the steak fries that came with it.

    Just for good measure, they brought me over some chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I ate those too!!!!

  4. Neyne

    Now had you gone to Normans when you had an opportunity (wink wink), you would have a chance to witness someone eating a 2.2 pound burger. Thats without counting the bun which is a small bread loaf. And at Normans you did get a shirt saying ” I ate the world’s largest kosher burger”

    Check out the pics:

    Unfortunately, Normans has closed…

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