Get 50% Off Vonage Phone Service

So Verizon installed today, all went pretty smoothly. So after the install, I had to call Cable Vision and Vonage to make sure my services would be disconnected. I called Vonage, and after a really long time I got someone on the phone. That person took all my information down and then had to get


When Did Blogging Become Respectable?

While I sit here waiting for Verizon to install triple play, I was thinking, when did blogging become respectable? I mean, in the past, maybe when I first started, I was a bit embarrassed to say, I blog. I use to say, I write in a very specific niche, on a specific topic. But now,


Version 1.8 of iPhone Siddur Submitted to Apple

We have tested and submitted version 1.8 of the iPhone Siddur. I have updated the version history to reflect the changes, but let me demonstrate them here, with pictures. First, let me explain that many of the features came via the discussion groups and emails we received, so keep sending them and we will add

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: August 18, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: I posted my video recap. Google does a link exchange. AdSense forcing users to switch to Google Account. Google confirms font tests. Are you AdWords dependent? Google changes SEO friendly FAQ. Google tests blog links as Sitelinks. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Video Recap of Weekly Search Buzz :: August 17, 2008 Google


No, I am Not at SES San Jose

I have been getting a lot of emails, asking if I am at SES San Jose. I am not there. I am sitting this one out. No specific reason, just need to take a break. I will see you at SMX East and PubCon Vegas and maybe SES Chicago.


Sick & Tired Of?

Saturday morning, I woke up, not feeling too well. Just felt very weak. I brushed it off, went to Synagogue and came back home at about 11ish. I rested for about an hour, and then we walked about half a mile to a friend for lunch. I continued to feel weak and tired, but I


Time Machine To The Rescue

My Mac has been crashing a ton. I think I figured out what is was. Ever since I began working on the Hebrew files, my Mac would freeze up, completely. I would have to do a hard reboot (I hate doing those). This morning my Mac froze up, and when it came back on, all

Daily Link FindsDaily Search Coverage

Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: August 15, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google expands AdSense for Feeds program. Ranking software being attacked by search engines and SEOs. AdSense is testing black borders. What are the pros of Google Shopping. Will the SEO bubble pop? T-Mobile is the carrier for the Google phone. Search in Pictures is out. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Google Opens AdSense

Just Weird

Old & Dead Bird Found on Window Overhang

I rarely look outside my office window. The office window it to my back, and since I am always blogging, I rarely turn around to look outside. But today, I noticed something, and I looked. It is an old, crusty, dead bird. Here is a picture: Must have been from a couple days ago, at


Just in Case You Missed it: Version 1.5 is Live

Just in case you missed it, version 1.5 of the Siddur for the iPhone is now live. All those fancy features you wanted, is now up. So, if you have not got yourself a copy, go get it now! Who cares if you can’t read Hebrew, okay – well, that might be an issue. But