Enough Already!

I got an email from an avid reader of my personal blog. I won’t say more about this person, outside of, this person is a nice guy, enjoy chatting with this individual and I take no offense to the email because I know it was meant with best intentions. In fact, it actually gave me

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: August 14, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Please don’t fall prey to scams. Should you 404 or 301? Google fixed the sitemaps bug. Do penalties scare you? Google Reader shares friends. PageRank and link building, what a pair. Live Search Maps does ads. India sues Google and others. YouTube won’t be streaming video. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Don’t Fall


Preview of “Smart Siddur” for iPhone

We promised to keep developing the iPhone Siddur despite the slow post dates to the iTunes App Store. So let me show off the new “Smart Siddur” feature for the iPhone. The Smart Siddur basically will show you the texts or prayers you need to see for that day, and skip the rest. So if


iPhone / iPod Touch Tehillim App Now Available!

I told you it was coming and now it is here! To buy it in iTunes, go to http://www.rustybrick.com/iphone/tehilim/get or search for “Tehilim” in the iPhone App Store. The first release has the following features: By Chapter/Perek, By Day of Month, By Day of Week English and Hebrew Texts Easy to make up for previous

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: August 13, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Google fixed webmaster tools. Google is shutting down FeedBurner ads. Bolding goes missing on some Google search results. Can your AdWords bill impact your free rankings. Google share jumps over 70 percent. Google SEO tips. Did your destination URL stop working? Search Blogs, the tag. Yahoo improves Inquisitor. Search Engine Roundtable Topics:


Hottrix Threatens Me: I Notice a Month Later

Update: Steve, the CEO of Hottrix called me. He is confused by all of this. Like I said, I am sure this was just an oversight. Things happen. It just gave me something to blog about. I get tons of spam in my YouTube inbox. I never look at it, really, virtually never. But today,

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Daily Search Coverage & Link Finds: August 12, 2008

Daily Search Coverage: Gmail goes black last night. Google Analytics might be redesigning. Blogger crawling issues continue. Google Maps listings are impacted by videos. IMNY charity party comes to San Jose. Give Danny tips. Search Engine Roundtable Topics: Gmail Outage Impacting Thousands/Millions Of Users New Design & Features Coming to Google Analytics? Google Bloggers Having


Things To Do In Boston?

I might be going to Boston in the near future, depending on a few things. In any event, if I am able to get away… I want to take my wife to Boston, for a quick vacation. Here is what I know about: Duck Tour Boats Boston Common Boston Museum of Fine Art The Freedom