Huge Citgo SignWhile driving in Boston this week, I noticed a huge CTIGO gas station sign.

Why am I telling you about this sign?

(1) It is really really really big.

(2) It may be bigger than the Amoco sign that I saw in St. Louis a couple years back.

So when I spotted it, I made my wife take a picture, so I can simply blog about it.

The sign does not look as big as the Amoco sign but it may be. The Amoco sign in St. Louis was not all that high. This CITGO sign was mounted on top of a building, but the Amoco sign was just on top of a gas station. So it is hard to visualize which was bigger.

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  1. MattC

    Yup, its one of the classic parts of the Boston skyline. A well-known Boston quote says “London has Big Ben, Paris has the Eiffel Tower. Boston has the CITGO sign.””

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