I was behind this car, if you call it that, this morning. Just look at the exhaust. It looked like a huge power plant of some sorts…

Note: The car was sitting at a red light. It was not revving the engine or anything:


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  1. Alistair

    The important question to ask here is not about the ‘tiny’ amount of smoke it was pouring out of the two exhaust pipes but if it was growling while doing it!

  2. Julie

    That is a great vintage muscle car. And that exhaust problem should be fixed. Where I live, they would have already gotten a few tickets for that.

  3. Vim

    Awesome Muscle car, the exhaust must be a problem that needs to be looked at, the car probably uses a lot of fuel?

  4. Jim Rudnick

    it looks like a 396 Chevelle from about ’66 or so…

    if so, they really do have such exhaust clouds due to the non-leaded gas that they now have to run…

    oh – and I can “hear” it all the way up here in canuckland too…VROOOM….VROOOM….



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