I upgraded my iPhone to use the beta developer preview of iOS 5 and I am in love with many of the features, especially the notifications. (Yea, Android people, I know – stop there.)

One thing I want is that my car’s navigation system be more integrated with my iPhone or even Android phone.

iphone ios5 car navigation

(1) I want the notifications to stream from my phone to my navigation.

(2) I want to ditch my car’s GPS and use the GPS built into my phone.

(3) I want live Google Maps traffic to display from my phone to the navigation.

(4) I want to let my wife and kid watch movies streamed from my phone on the navigation while I am driving.

(5) I want to be able to stream anything via Airplay or USB from my device over my navigation.

Am I asking too much?

This has been a dream of mine since driving to Toronto in 2006. I just wanted this data streamed to my car’s navigation.

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  1. Michael Butler

    i don’t think such an integrated communication will ever exist between a mobile device and a car system. The much more simple solution is to use your mobile device as the car system (entertainment, navigation, bluetooth, etc.)
    a mounted android phone does 1-3 already and I’m sure Apple will eventually add the capability.

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