Shiny silver smashed carAbout a month ago, I took a train to DC, so I parked my car in Newark, New Jersey’s Penn Station lot.

When I returned from DC the same day, I was relived to see my car was still in the lot. I got in, it was very dark, and drove home. The next day or so, I noticed the front of the car had some damage.

I looked and there was a chip on the front of the bumper and under the car, the bottom plate under the car, was slightly hanging down.

Someone must have backed into my car and drove off without leaving a note.

Yesterday I dropped it off to be fixed. The most annoying part of it is having to go get a money order or something like it from the bank for the $500 deductible I have to pay the auto shop.

Of course they don’t tell me there “payment policy” until after they order the parts, schedule the work and after I sign all the paper work.

Also would have been nice if the person left a note, instead, this is costing me $500.

I just hope it is a quick fix.

Note, that picture is not of my car, it is from Flickr.

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