Just Funny

Meet Lego Barry

Me as a lego! Aaron Wall put together pictures of some SEOs and Googlers as Legos. My favorite is actually these two:


Time Machine Backup To Be Completed in 50,000 Days

I have a new backup drive, this one works over FireWire 800. I haven’t use Time Machine in a while, and was eager to get that going again. I started the backup and Apple told me it would take about 50,000 plus days to complete. Here is a screen shot: So in that case, when

Just Weird

Post Office Needs a “Better Address” – Really?

My wife gave me a thank you card to mail the other day. She told me, although I didn’t listen to what she said, that she needs me to get the address. So I didn’t look, put a stamp on it and mailed it out without an address. Yea, it only had their name on


Alta Vista Road

I drove to Bethesda, Maryland yesterday to give a talk about “Synagogue and Technology” for ShulCloud, sponsored by the Shalom Learning folks at Beth El. And when I got off the highway after driving 4 hours straight (which is awesome time), I spotted a road named Alta Vista Road. The search geek in me wanted