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Witnessed Kind Of A Big Local Car Crash

I was in the local pizza shop at the corner of Route 59 and College Road. The car was making a left turn, while another car was driving straight down the street. I guess they did not see each other and they hit hard. I think everyone was mostly okay. However, the cars fronts were

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My Driver’s License Photo : 18 Years Old

About two weeks ago, I renewed my driver’s license online. Last night, I got my new NYS driver’s license. It had the same picture of my previous license, which was from about ten years ago, when I was 18 or 19 years of age. I guess they think we all look the same from 18

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GPS Off The Mark This Morning: Fog?

This morning it was incredibly foggy. Went I began driving, I noticed the GPS was off. It thought I was maybe 50 feet from where I was. This is unusual for this GPS, because it is built into the car and uses more than just satellite to pin point my location. As I continued to

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iPhone Controlled Car by Ringspeed

I am a strong believer or adopter of using technology to increase efficiency and utility. Automation, streamlining, and efficiencies are core to my way of working. In all honesty, I am a bit of an efficiency nut. Even the way I enter or leave my house, is done so with the most efficiency as possible,

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Snow Coming: Windshield Wipers in Up Position

There is a snow storm coming and there is about 6-12 inches of snow expected in my area. A reminder, when you park your car at work – and, I assume you are all going to work today, put your windshield wipers in the up position. Nothing worse than trying to dig them out of

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Really Huge CITGO Sign

While driving in Boston this week, I noticed a huge CTIGO gas station sign. Why am I telling you about this sign? (1) It is really really really big. (2) It may be bigger than the Amoco sign that I saw in St. Louis a couple years back. So when I spotted it, I made

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He Still Can’t Park

Just a friendly reminder, that almost every day, this same guy, still can’t flipping park his car right. This is today, but today wasn’t even that bad: Very annoying!